About the Artist

I was born in Vancouver, Canada when my parents decided to move back to South Africa. I was about one at that time. Mom, born a true South African in Kimberly, met dad, a true Brit born in Chesterfield, England. My school life started in Jan Kemp, in an Afrikaans school, but we soon moved to the sea where Durban became my home town.

I live here with my daughter and husband.

Although I’ve travelled parts of the world, Durban is where my roots are, and it’s here where my love for art, interiors and all things beautiful grew. Painting to me is an expression of so many things, I love so many different themes and colours, and enjoy working out how colours and interiors fit together to bring out the best in each other.

I’m grateful for the blessings and joy I have received from doing art in painting. And being able to tie up all the things I love to do in 1 area – interiors! I hope it can bring others as much happiness as it brings me.

My Work

Categories:  Abstract / Flora / Fauna / Landscape

Abstract is my favourite, as you can do SO MUCH with it! You can turn colours into so many things without actually painting them. It can look like something that you didn’t even intend it to look like. Its universal and it can bring a room together so well depending on the size, colours and shapes.

Big paintings are my favourite – you get so much space to express what you want to.

I use mostly oils and acrylics on canvas and also include silver and gold leaf quite a bit.

You don’t always find exactly what you need for a room or a space. The key for me is to do commissioned work for private clients, decorators and designers as well as some retailors, so that you can create exactly what you need for that area.

With painting, there is beauty in everything!

Other avenues/services:

Home Staging – This is an extension of art for walls in a home, home staging. Most people can’t see past an empty space or cluttered house. 90% of people cannot imagine what would work well in a room or a space to make it appealing to a new buyer. I have great relationships with many retailers who can provide great prices on stunning furniture and decor to transform your home into a universally beautiful and appealing home to a new buyer, so that you can sell it for maximum return.

Events – Setting up small weddings, and special events. Mile stone birthday parties and functions. I love to create a look and feel for your guests that they will remember. And to enhance the mood and atmosphere that you would like to create.