“Plush Lands” 180x65cm on canvas

Allyway 30x40cm on Canvas

Finding Jade 1x1m on Canvas

Cobble Road 1x1m on Canvas

Tucked Away1  60cm round on board

Tucked Away2  60cm round on board

Splash 100x100cm on Canvas

City 101x76cm on canvas

Wild 51x41cm on canvas

Jade Bushes 76x61cm on board

Isn’t It Lovely – 100x120cm on canvas

Somewhere – 101x76cm on canvas

Untaimed 2 – 90x90cm acrylic and gold leaf on canvas

Untaimed – 90x90cm acrylic and gold leaf on canvas

Stardust – 76x100cm on canvas

Sunray – 100x76cm oils on canvas

Sunset Over Her – 76x100cm oils on canvas

“Blue Flutter” 150x100cm canvas framed

“Blue Bird Flutter” 50x90cm x 3 framed on canvas

“Renken 3” 70x100cm on canvas


“Renken 2” 130x80cm on canvas

“Renken 1” 70x100cm on canvas

“Light Is My Home” 100x100cm on canvas

“Ocean Treasure” 120x120cm on canvas

“Ocean Treasure 2” 120x120cm on canvas

“Grace Out T 2” ink on canvas

Special Place 100x120cm on canvas

City Shout 100x100cm on canvas

“Grace” 59x125cm inks and acrylic on board, framed in white deep box frame with raw edge

“Rose” 76x61cm acrylics on board

“Pink Sky” 68x42cm inks and acrylic on board, framed in gold frame

“Fun Times” 30x40cm inks and acrylic on canvas

“Her Space” 78x36cm acrylics on canvas

“Panda Protea” 90×90 acrylics on canvas

“Golden City” full painting is 120cm round on board

“On the Streets” 80x80cm on canvas

“Feather Set” 29x34cm inks on paper framed in natural box frames

Blue Crayfish 180x70cm

Loona – 70x45cm

“Stone” 200x120cm on canvas

“Weekend Hoola” 120x120cm on canvas

“Peaches and Cream” 200x40cm on canvas

“Weekend” 65x170cm on canvas and framed

“Centred” 80x70cm on canvas

“Winter Way” 80x150cm

“Gigsaw” 220x70cmon canvas

“Petal” 200x80cm on canvas

“Landscape Whisper” 200x70cm on canvas

“Fig Tree” 200x80cm on canvas

Forest Fame 100x100cm on Canvas

Flutter-Feud 90x80cm on Canvas 

Rose Plush 90x90cm on Canvas

Hummingbirds Flutter 30x30cm on board

Shape It 60x43cm on paper

Wave After Wave Green 60x43cm on paper

“Wave After Wave Blue” 60x43cm on paper

Grace Out T – 90x90cm ink on canvas

Grace In T – 90x90cm ink on canvas

Fare Blue – 100x100cm on canvas

Blue Ocean Current – 80x80cm on canvas

Shady Ocean Haze – x2 120x80cm on canvas

All of Us – 92x72cm in on canvas

Here I Am – 92x72cm ink on canvas

Im Here –  92x72cm ink on canvas

Jackson Family Portrait – 120 x 100 on canvas

Nurthen Family Portrait – 150x100cm on canvas

Renken Family Portrait 100x150cm canvas

She’s Asleep 150x60cm on Canvas

Desert Sand – 65x50cm on paper framed with glass

Pebbles 65×50 on paper framed with glass

Fabric X 80x80cm on Canvas

Liquid Home 80x80cm on Canvas

Home Vine 76x101cm on Canvas

Home Fauna 76c101cm on Canvas

Fabric Blaze 76x101cm on Canvas

Waterfall Bliss 76x101cmon Canvas

Waterfall Blue 46x120cm on Canvas

Shady Sky 84x67cm on Canvas framed

Blossom Lace 100x75cm on Canvas

1st Iris 76x101cm on Canvas

Returning From Blue 50x40cmon Canvas

Into the Blue 60x80cm on Canvas

Blue Haze 90x90cm on Canvas

Something about Nothing 60x80cm on Canvas

Boho Bliss 100x100cm on Canvas

Blue Moon 80x40cm set of 2 on Canvas

Lazy Daze 30x40cm on Canvas

Wild at Heart 60x40cm on Canvas

Line Dance 65x50cm on paper and framed with glass

Our Special Place 150x100cm on Canvas

Funky Z 100x100cm on Canvas

Flower Shower in Bali – 120x100cm on Canvas

Snow Angels 120x100cm on Canvas

Blue Moon Lake 120x80cm on canvas

Autumn 2 60x43cm ink on paper

Autumn 1 60x43cm cm on paper

Bloom – 43x60cm ink on paper and framed

Boho Bliss 2 100x100cm on Canvas

Fiji 60x43cm ink on paper

Dippa 60x43cm ink on paper

Bluegum Baby 60x43cm inks on paper

Name It 60x43cm 

Oh Dear – 43x60cm ink on paper and framed

Mexico 60x43cm ink on paper

Muddy Water 38x76cm ink and acrylic on canvas

River Road 80x80cm inks on paper

O Pebble 2 60x43cm inks on paper

O Pebble 1 60x43cm on paper

The Cove 80x120cm on canvas

Oakville – 43x60cm ink on paper and framed

Oakville 2 – 43x60cm ink on paper and framed

Thats Rite – 101x76cm on canvas

Flikka – 40x60cm on paper

Hummingbirds Set of 3 – Framed and on paper

Just There 120x80cm

Cherry Blossoms Set of 2 25x30cm Framed on paper

Apple Garden 1 40x55cm Framed on paper

Haze 60x150cm on Canvas

Signage for “NaildbyKeeks” 110x60cm on Canvas

Bloomingdale Mauve  90x90cm on Canvas

Grace In 90x90cm on Canvas

Grace Out 90x90cm on Canvas

Even Flow 101x76cm on Canvas

All in One 150x100xm on canvas

Here We Go – 101×76 on canvas

Near There 80x80cm on Canvas


Went To 80x80cm on canvas

New Creation 150x80cm on canvas

Beauty Be Told 120x45cm

Beauty Within 80x80cm

Bo Tie – 60x90cm

Jungle Dots – 30x40cm on paper

One Blue Step – 100x100cm

One Step At A Time – 180x65cm

Soul Sister – 100x100cm

Petals – 70x60cm framed

Out There 185x65cm on Canvas

Jade Dayz
100x100cm on canvas

Hard Impression
180x150cm on canvas

120x80cm on canvas

Joan of Arch Series – 1
42x52cm on paper and framed

Joan of Arch Series – 2
42x52cm on paper and framed

Designing the Times
60x50cm on canvas

Joan of Arch Series – 3
42x52cm on paper and framed

Joan of Arch Series – 4
42x52cm on paper and framed

“Boom” 100x150cm acrylics on canvas with liquid gold

“Flutter Dance” 60x150cm acrylic on canvas with liquid gold

“Greatland” 80x80cm acrylic with liquid gold

“Heaven Touching Earth” 101x76cm acrylic with liquid gold

“In This Home” 76×101 acrylic on canvas

“Skywards” 45cm round – resin on board

“The Whole Earth” 90cm round – resin on board

“Shaadia” 50x68cm inks on paper framed

Toriens 300x164cm

Tamara 150×120